The First Avenue Preschool room offers care to 16 children.  Our program is built on a foundation of warm, affectionate, and understanding relationships between teachers, children and parents. We maintain an open, welcoming, and multicultural approach at all times.

Children experience positive social interactions with teachers and peers. Self-help skills are encouraged throughout the daily routine. Dressing, toileting, eating and tidy up are all learning opportunities. As well, children are encouraged to make choices from available activities and centres. Both self- help and self- selection experiences help to increase your child’s feelings of competence , independence , and self- esteem.

We are referencing the provincial Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) curriculum in the program. The children’s interests are the basis for our curriculum. There are five sections of the continuum of development : Social, Emotional, Language, Cognition, Physical .Each section lists root skills appropriate for a preschooler. As your child demonstrates a new skill, an educator will document your child’s experience.

We look forward to watching your children grow and learn through this exciting stage of development.

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