Why Choose GPDC?





One of the most difficult decision a parent will make is to entrust his/her child into the hands of a daycare staff.  This is why we carefully select every single teacher who works at our daycare. Our staff are qualified professionals trained in Early Childhood Education and are very involved in running of all programs and the Centre. Many of our staff have been at GPDC for over 20 years; this experience, involvement and dedication shows in the quality of care throughout our programs.




GPDC is one of the few centres in the city with custom-built facilities designed to suit children of all ages.  With multiple play structures outside and a large gross-motor room in the basement, GPDC children have access to everything they need to have fun, and play safely in an age-appropriate environment.




Glebe Parents' Daycare not only provides child care for very young children; we are also the provider of after school care at Hopewell, Mutchmor and First Avenue Public Schools. This allows children and parents to maintain a connection to our organization and staff as their child grows and becomes part of the GPDC family.  From infancy all the way through grade school, our consistency of care provides a much needed sense of security and familiarity for all children.



The day care provides a positive learning environment that enhances the child’s total development. Through play experiences, guided by trained staff, the child will interact with an environment that will:

  • Help children to obtain more confidence in themselves.
  • Encourage self-expression and creativity.
  • Provide a sense of security and self confidence.
  • Encourage problem solving, thinking and reasoning.
  • Help develop co-ordination and self control.
  • Model positive behavior and encourage responsibility.
  • Encourage social interactions, develop trust and co-operation within a group.
  • Familiarize a child with routine.
  • Stimulate interest in learning.



We have a full time cook in our kitchen at the Main Centre.  Our cook, Mel, creates healthy, delicious, child-friendly meals and snacks every day.  Morning and Afternoon snacks as well as lunch are provided for all programs. Menus are posted on our parent board for a 2 week time period.  Our first priority is the health of the children in our care. We pay particular attention to the selection and preparation of the meals we serve.