PreSchool Room News & Events

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Preschool News for May

New Staff in the Program:

We are pleased to welcome Chanelle, our Heritage student. She will be with us till May 15th in her placement. After that she will become half of the job share team with Wanda, which will include working  alternate Wednesdays, and every Thursdays and Fridays. We are also very pleased to welcome Cynthia, who will be working 2-5 every day beginning May 4th. And our final addition to the room will be three new preschoolers who will join us in the next two weeks.


Starting on May 5th show and tell will begin within our circle groups. Every Tuesday please send your child with a toy, book, or item that is special to them. When presenting to their group the questions who, what, when, where, and why are encouraged to be asked. On May 8th we will be participating in the City of Ottawa’s story walk at Lansdowne park.

wormLater on in the month each child will be given a pet worm. They will create a home, and care for it during the week. We will send them home to live in your yard or garden.