Supply Educators Needed

Come work with our team!

We are looking for supply educators to be on our call list for occasional supply work.

About Us:

  • friendly, welcoming organization
  • licensed non-profit child care agency
  • providing quality child care in Ottawa for 50 years
  • programs for children 6 weeks to 12 years old
  • four locations
  • beautiful, spacious facilities

Some of the many benefits of being a supply educator at our centre:

  • fantastic children, families, and staff members
  • flexibility – supply educators can choose when they want to accept work
  • wide range of possible hours – from a couple of hours to a couple of months
  • gain lots of experience in a wide range of areas i.e. child care, communications, customer service, teamwork, sanitary practices, first aid, etc. – great to add to the resume
  • on the job training and mentoring
  • lots of work possibilities – our 50 permanent staff have great benefits including many days of sick leave, vacation, PD time, special leave, etc. Supply educators are needed to allow our staff to use their available time away
  • provincial wage subsidies that increase the rate of pay
  • located in a neighbourhood of interesting shops and nature lined paths – ideal for breaktime walks or skates
  • many of our supply educators have applied and been successful in becoming permanent employees at our centre

Required qualifications:

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Standard First Aid with CPRc Certification
  • A police reference check for working with the vulnerable sector (completed within the last 3 months)
  • Vaccination record
  • Medical note to confirm no health concerns that would be a risk when working with young children
  • Able to manage the physical requirements of the position – i.e. lifting, bending, squatting, sitting on floor, etc.
  • Experience with children

For more information or to express interest in this role, please contact:

Karen Robinson RECE – Program Coordinator –