Visiting the wading pool in March
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Winter fun “swimming ” at the park!

The world of Eric Carle in Full Day 4s

The world of Eric Carle in Full Day 4s at Glebe Parents’ Day Care.

Exploring Bears!

The children are exploring “Bears” this month in Full Day 4s and learning songs poems and stories all about winter … Read More

Full Day 4s October Fun

New friends and new activities!

Veterinarians in Training

One of the parents of a child in the Full Day 4s program is a veterinarian. We are very grateful … Read More

Family Fun Fair – a huge success!

A big thank you to all the families, staff, and friends, that participated in our Family Fun Fair! A lot … Read More

Cupcake Day for the Ottawa Humane Society

A huge (belated!) thank you to all of those who participated in our Cupcake day for the Humaine Society. We … Read More

Shadow play in the Infant Room

Here are our babies and preschoolers interacting with their shadows.         “Children do not live – as … Read More