Our Twin Daycare in Nicaragua:

Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Samuel Calero


The Glebe Parents' Day Care is proudly twinned with a day care centre in Nicaragua--the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Samuel Calero. This means that our centre makes annual donations to help keep their centre running.


Here is a letter we received from the Samuel Calero Day Care Centre in 2014:


Dear friends from the Glebe Day Care Centre from Canada.

We would like to send our hugs and kisses from the children, parents and the administrative staff of the Samuel Calero Day Care Centre.

Throughout this letter we would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your help with your monetary support, which has helped in providing food daily for 103 children at the day care centre. We also provide uniforms for the 12 staff who attend to the children, in other words your support has been extremely valuable and without your help we could have not managed the present demand at our town of San Marcos.

The day care centre has qualified and experienced staff plus reliable infrastructure where children can play in a safe and healthy environment. Our facility could potentially accommodate up to 200 children if our local government was to release funds for their budgets.

We are very happy to inform you that we have received the first transfer for 2014 which will be used towards food and uniforms and this motivates us to do our job with more efficiency in a loving manner.

Here in Nicaragua everything is going well, a bit cold. We started the year on January 6th and the day care operates from 7 AM to 5 PM. Presently we have 103 children whose mothers are working for sweat shops, local businesses and picking coffee beans in order to put food on the table.

All the children at our daycare are in good health and are developing at the expected rate of growth according to their age. We have been informed that the children who had been at our day care and later enrolled in primary schools become the best students in their class. Their parents and teachers said that it is all due to the good care they have received in our hands.

Last October, we had a  visit from father Benito Laplant Piccar and together with the director of Covisama R.L. we coordinated a carnival where the children filled the streets of San Marcos with joy and happiness.

(Translated from Spanish by Xiomara Campas, Program Accountant for Oxfam Canada)