The main centre is located at 10 Fifth Avenue in the Glebe. The day care opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5:30 p.m.  Our extended day school programs run from 7:30am to 6pm.

The day care is closed for the following holidays:

New Years Day
Family Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Victoria Day
Canada Day
Civic Holiday
Labour Day
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Boxing Day

The centre is closed from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day inclusive.

For more information on all of our locations, please visit the Contact page.

The Glebe Parent’s Day Care originally resulted from the political activity of a number of community members in the early seventies who recognised the need for a quality non-profit childcare program in the neighbourhood. Community leaders were lobbied, needs surveys were undertaken and numerous applications for government grants were submitted. During the early years the centre operated on a shoestring budget and survived primarily because of the commitment of parents and staff. Staff were paid extremely low wages and childcare was a low priority on government funding agendas. The centre continues to be politically active promoting the development of quality non-profit childcare programs that are accessible and affordable to all families in the community.

The centre was opened as a temporary summer day care program in the basement of the Glebe United Church in 1972.   The centre then expanded into the basement of the Glebe Community Centre on Lyon Street on a permanent basis in May 1973, with infant, toddler and preschool programs. While the larger space was appreciated, this location was far from ideal as the centre was required to dismantle the equipment every night to allow for other community uses. Furthermore, there were no windows in the preschool room, and the playground was too small to accommodate all of the children in the centre. Although these were not the best conditions for a childcare centre, it was all that was available at the time.

Over the years the centre expanded its programs to meet community needs. The Hopewell Kindergarten started in September 1978. In September of 1997, with the complete renovation of the school and construction of a fully equipped day care space, the Hopewell Program expanded to include a School-Age component. The Mutchmor School-Age program started in 1978 and the Corpus Christi Kindergarten/School-Age programs started in September 1989. The community continued to voice a need for quality, licensed kindergarten and school age spaces. As a result, in Sept 2001, the First Avenue Kindergarten and School-Age program opened its doors. In addition to these school-based programs, the Family Home Child Care Program was established in 1985 to provide a full range of childcare options to parents. The name was changed to Parents’ Home Child Care of Ottawa in 2001 to reflect that they serve wide areas of the city.

Parents and staff tried unsuccessfully for many years to improve on the basement location at the Glebe Community Centre. In the early 1980’s the centre received a $600,000 federal grant to build a new centre, only to be told by city officials that there was no location in the neighbourhood zoned for a non-profit childcare centre. The federal grant was returned unused.

Efforts to find a suitable location were renewed in the mid-80’s, and eventually city planners agreed that an area in Lansdowne Park would be allocated to the Glebe Parents’ Day Care as part of the park’s redevelopment plan. The community was consulted, negotiations with the National Capital Commissions were conducted, and the three levels of government were approached for funding. During this period the day care itself fundraised in excess of $170,000 toward the project. Over the next four years all obstacles were overcome and the new centre was finally constructed during the winter of 1989 - 90. When the doors officially opened on August 7, 1990, a nineteen-year struggle for a specially designed and built childcare centre was finally over.

Approximately 312 children are enrolled in the many programs operated by the Glebe Parents’ Day Care.


The Glebe Parents’ Day Care is a non-profit, charitable organization that functions as a parent-staff cooperative. The centre strives to provide community based family support services within a home-like atmosphere. Parents and staff function cooperatively to maintain a caring and nurturing environment for the children. The parent-staff cooperative maximizes ongoing parent and staff communication, which is important for quality childcare. The centre is also committed to creating an environment where all children, regardless of their needs, are included and have the opportunity to learn and interact with their peers.

The day care provides a positive learning environment that enhances the child’s total development. Through play experiences, guided by trained staff, the child will interact with an environment that will stimulate:

1. curiosity, initiative, independence and positive self-esteem;

2. problem-solving and decision-making abilities;

3. physical activity and the development of gross-motor skills;

4. cognitive activity and the development of fine-motor skills.

Our programs promote awareness of many races and cultures, as well as non-sexist attitudes; we provide a quality service that makes parents feel comfortable and have confidence in the care their child is receiving.


The Glebe Parents' Day Care is committed to providing accessible services and employment for people with disabilities. We welcome and encourage requests for accommodation.




Our Day Care has a variety of policies that have been developed by staff and parents. These policies are used to help ensure clarity and equality, regarding different issues, amongst all our members. Below is a link to some of our policies. Members of our Co-op (parents, staff, & externals) must sign off that they agree to follow these policies.

Click here to view our current policies and program statement.